The free notification app for your hub

The HubOn app allows you to get notified in real time of anything happening on your hub powered by Hakisa!

Which notifications will your receive on HubOn?

Stay informed of your loved ones well-being with notifications about IoT

Receive invitations and contact requests from hub users you know

Keep an eye of the latest activity of the community of the Clubs you suscribe to

HubOn mobile app notification splashscreen

Stay in touch with your relatives: get a notification for every new message

Stay informed about what happens in the events you create or participate in

Share good memories: be informed of the activity in your shared photo albums

Try the hub, try HubOn

HubOn is already available for these hubs:

Hakisa logo circle

Hakisa social hub: the digital assistant that facilitates the everyday life of families!

Facilien logo rond

Facilien: the personal care hub that ensures well-being and well-aging at home.

How to use HubOn?

Stay tuned to your hub with HubOn!

HubOn activation screen

Connect HubOn to your hub by entering your activation code in the app

HubOn alarms and notification list

See the latest activity of your community thanks to the notification list

HubOn notification preview

Get a preview of your notification on the HubOn app and connect to your hub to interact

HubOn: powered by Hakisa

Hakisa logo white

Hakisa develops innovative solutions bridging people, services and the internet of things.
With HubOn, Hakisa offers you the chance to stay connected through real time notifications.

Hakisa provides its technology to professionals thanks to 3 business offers: Smart Home for real estate professionals, Smart Care for Silver Economy actors, Smart Services for local actors.

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